Getting Sweaty With Celebrity Trainer Natalie Uhling For SIX:02 Week

Here's a fun fact, I can run 15 miles in my sleep but I can't do 5 situps or pushups to save my life. SHOCKER! (Said No One...) I tend to shy away from group fitness classes for three reasons:

  1. I look pathetic and/or like a deranged animal no matter how hard I try to "Look cool."
  2. I sweat like it's going out of style and my area turns into my own personal slip n' slide.
  3. I have no upper body strength and intimidate easily when everyone seamlessly knows what to do while I am utterly lost and confused.

I often find myself in a pickle, I'm an endorphin junkie but I have a debilitating fear of group workouts. It took me well over a year to even run with another person, that's how crazy I am! "But Kelly! You're so outgoing and wacky! There's no way that's true." Believe it friends! I force myself into those situations and act well but on my insides are screaming, "RUN! RUN AWAY! GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE THEY FIND YOU OUT!"

The best part about being a fitness blogger is that I get to go to snazzy fitness events with some of the top fitness professionals in the world. I get to go to some really incredible classes so I'd be stupid to let my fear of trying new things in a class environment stop me from taking advantage of these opportunities. So I have two options, I can decline invites and miss all the amazing opportunities handed to me because I'm scared or I can jump in head first, show up and have the best time possible. Obviously I force myself to show up and have a good time.

June 2nd (6/2) is the kickoff to SIX:02 week and to celebrate, SIX:02 threw a kickoff workout hosted by Celebrity Trainer and the creator of the NUFit program Natalie Uhling. NUFit is an hour long high intensity cardio dance and kickboxing ass whooping that is a full body workout. I love SIX:02 and everything it stands for. We are their audience, anyone who is fighting to overcome all odds to push their limits. So what's SIX:02 you ask? It's the time of day when you make the most of your workout or set your sights on a new fitness goal. SIX:02 stands for everything you're working towards, everything you're investing in yourself and all every moment when you face your fears and push your limits. To say I'm excited for SIX:02 week is an understatement. So joining SIX:02 and Natalie for an hour long NUFit workout was definitely a SIX:02 moment for me.

Here's what it's like to workout with Natalie Uhling --

First off, Natalie is the definition of a bad ass. We got started dancing our faces off to get our heart rates up. (Just look at that killer hair flip! MY GOD! #Beyonce status.)

NUFit is a tiny bit complicated on the choreography side but there's so much repetition throughout that you pick it up in no time. (And the cardio dance portion is any spazz's dream come true. I am Queen Spazz and I was in heaven.) You can expect some of this --

And lots of jumping and empowering foot work. (It's impossible not to walk out of her class radiating confidence.)

You'll work the floor and wear wear your game face.

And you'll sweat your face off! (I spent a good majority of the class yelling WOOOOOO! Without even being conscious of it...that's how infectious her energy is.)

Natalie will motivate you to push yourself, dig deep and find those places you aren't comfortable being. I surprised myself at least 5 times during the workout. She would show us our next sequence and I'd find myself saying, "Oh God. Nope." Then once I tried it, I realized I could kind of do it! Sometimes you gotta pat yourself on the back and be like, "I am killing it right now."

And she'll make your abs and quads cry. Just watch her do this move. SHERO! SHERO!

When she came at us with the core portion I stood there like frozen like a wet Chihuahua. Like this--

There's no where to go but up though right? You just have to dig in, pick your favorite cuss words and focus on repeating them as many times as you can to distract yourself from the burning sensation emanating from your muscles.

Because SIX:02 is all about looking and feeling your best so you drop kick your workout, we were all outfitted in some super foxy Under Armour workout clothes. CAN WE START WITH THOSE SHOES!?!?! Not only are they like walking on clouds but they are foxy as f*ck. My God I feel like a billion bucks in them. Add some super subtle snakeskin pants and a flattering blue semi-crop top and I felt killer. Under Armour your workout clothes are eye candy.

Here's my secret to getting over my fear of looking like a spazzy fool during a workout class. Don't fight the fool, just let it happen! I get self conscious when I don't know what I'm doing and somehow EVERYONE else is on the same page. It always feels like there was a secret meetup or memo that went out to everyone except me so I take a second to remind myself that NO ONE CARES IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. No one is paying attention to anything except their own workout! There's no judgements when you're in a class environment because everyone is a hot sweaty mess and no one has time to judge! You're all attacking the same goals! You're all there for the same reasons, to become the best you possible right?! To push your limits and get stronger! So I slap a smile on my face and work through it. Your first few times are always going to be chaotic, confusing and messy. There's no avoiding it! Remember that no one expects you to be perfect. All you have to do is show up, smile and say YES!

SIX:02 week is right around the corner and if you live anywhere near their 20 stores they are offering really incredible in store workouts, gifts and discounts that you would be crazy not to take advantage of.

And if you, like me, aren't near a SIX:02 store you can still join the fun by taking advantage of their discounts online or by sharing your SIX:02 Moment to Instagram or Twitter using the Hashtag #SIX02Moment. If you're working towards something, share it and if you're not, why not take this opportunity to say yes to yourself and put in the work to be the best you possible? Happy SIX:02 week everyone! Go get sweaty! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.