Yoga Pants Aren't Bad For Women, This NY Times Opinion Piece Is

Grab the popcorn because the interwebs are ABLAZE this morning after this groundbreaking piece of writing was published in the New York Times.

HEADLINE: Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women

By Honor Jones, Senior Staff Editor at Opinion. 

First of all, there were so many jokes to be made about this piece so let's just take a second to get our laughs in. 

And let's not forget the equally hilarious investigation into whether or not Honor Jones is a real human. (I didn't spend too much time looking into it but it seemed like Twitter came to the conclusion that she is.) 


I'm with you in that I too feel deeply insecure at the gym. But guess what!? The narratives I construct for the other gym goers are imaginary. They aren't judging me. They probably don't even notice me. They're all there to workout. Or they're there because that's where they hang out with there friends. (Some people, unlike us, actually enjoy being at the gym.) 

HELL, maybe they are there to look sexy and foxy in the hopes that they'll meet someone special who shares their love for being active! Either way, we aren't really entitled to an opinion on the matter.

Let's just worry about us.

Yes, sometimes people do judge other people at the gym. It happens! But anyone judging someone else is simply projecting their own self-loathing. I'm willing to bet the things they're judging you for they judge themselves for as well. It's a nasty, destructive cycle.  

You said you immediately noticed being judged by the women near you and that the men weren't noticing you at all. Stop worrying about everyone else. Might I suggest working on your own inner dialogue and confidence? I don't know you, but the subtext behind what you wrote makes me think that you could benefit from building yourself up more. 

You're new to the gym, you said it yourself. It's an intimidating place! But honestly, no one really cares what you wear.

We wear yoga pants or running tights (they're different FYI) because of the fabric and the fit. They're sweat wicking and they aren't bulky. That means they're more comfortable! I know it may seem like people wear skin-tight leggings for their sex appeal, but the truth is, the technical fabric just makes yoga, pilates, barre, kickboxing, indoor cycling, powerlifting, running or whatever form of exercise we're doing more enjoyable! I know! Shocking!  

Still confused? Let me break this down for you:

If you feel strong in sweatpants, YOU GO GIRL! 

If you feel strong in spandex shorts, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in long bicycle shorts, YOU GO GIRL! 

If you feel strong in split shorts, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in yoga pants, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in running tights, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in a tank top, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in a sweatshirt, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in a sports bra, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong in a romper or a jumpsuit, YOU GO GIRL!

If you feel strong working out in denim jorts, I mean...I don't get it, but YOU GO GIRL! 

What we work out in isn't bad for women, not getting active in ways that empower us is bad for women.

Shaming women for getting active in clothes that make them feel strong and confident is bad for women.

And assuming that everyone is judging you because of what you're wearing and then writing a piece in the New York Times about how yoga pants are bad for women IS BAD FOR WOMEN!

If you really wanted to do the right thing, you would have used your words and had a conversation with the women you thought were judging you. Maybe they weren't judging you, they were just looking for a distraction because they were on an elliptical! Or maybe they were feeling blue because it is winter in New York! HELL, maybe you would have found some friends who also feel insecure at the gym and would love to find like minded friends to workout with! 

Bottom line, wear whatever the fuck you want Honor Jones. Just do us all a favor and work on the way you talk to yourself. Because the only person judging you is you.