You Know You’re A Crazy Runner When…

 Runners are known for being crazy but I don't think people who don't run realize just how crazy we are! You know you're a crazy runner when...

You run up and down your block multiple times until you hit an even mileage number.

Back and forth

You plan your vacations and trips around races and groovy places to run.


You start referring to other runners as, “Your people.”

donuts boyfriend.gif

When you start loving in-opportune weather;  “A cold and cloudy fourth of July? PERFECT for my long run!”

Perfect Weather

You refer to 3-5 miles as “short”.

Short run

Your pooping habits stresses you out.


You have convinced almost all of your friends to run at least one half marathon.

It's Samantha

You will talk to just about anyone about running. “Oh I see you are wearing running shoes, do you run?”  

non runners

Your heart skips a beat when you get new running clothes.


You have an early bedtime on Friday or Saturday nights.

Long Run

You stress about GPS signals (and lack thereof).


You have a nervous breakdown if you forget to press resume on your watch or app.


You have foolproof pre-race rituals that are non-negotiable.

stressing me out

Your massages are painful.

sore muscles

You use training runs as a way to date.

hot babe

You wake up early instead of sleeping in so you can get a run in before your day gets crazy.

Fall asleep

You make it out the door to run.


You don’t have to run half marathons or marathons to be a “real” runner. There’s no such thing as a “real” runner! There’s no difference between a runner who runs 16 minute miles and one who runs 5 minute miles, we come in all different shapes, sizes, gender, ages and backgrounds. That’s the best thing about running, no two runners are alike. We may be different levels of crazy but we all share the same passion for putting one foot in front of the other.  

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.