You Need To Be Apart Of The November Project

Have you heard of November Project? NO? WHAT. Let me introduce you to the coolest people in the world, November Project. Want to be a member of this ridiculously groovy totally inclusive cool club? Perfect all you have to do is show up. No seriously, their goal is to build a worldwide community by empowering humans of all fitness levels through fierce, free weekly workouts.

Photo via the November Project NYC

“But Kelly, if you love them so much why is today the first time you’ve worked out with them?” Well my friends, that is because I’ve got 99 problems and they’re all excuses. I may be able to run a marathon with a smile plastered on my face but I can’t do a pushup to save my life. I hate working out. I hate it. It’s hard, I’m embarrassingly bad at it, I sweat more than anyone I know and HERE’S THE REAL KICKER I’m really shy and I hate being in situations where I don’t know anyone. I AM! I can’t help it! I panic and I get weird! I know I may seem like I’m this effortless runner who’s totally cool in front of strangers but on the inside I’m silently dying and peeing my pants. I love running because I miraculously stuck with it until I got strong enough for it to be easier. Everything else? Not so much...

This year one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be able to do 10 pushups. Well it’s July and I can still barely do 1. Here’s the best thing about November Project, it’s fun! I may have spent the entire morning bitching, moaning and complaining (No really, I said the F word so many times I actually felt disgusting. Another one of my resolutions was to stop swearing and I was  filled with shame.) It's time to focus back on those pushups and figure out how to enjoy working out when I'm not running or spinning. (The answer? Obviously November Project.)

I think my face says it all. Photo via November Project NYC

If you’re located near a November Project (They’re in 21 cities so odds are you are going to be able to play with them at some point in the next year. Yes that means if you’re on vacation in a city that they are located), you should show up. Why should you go workout with them and join the November Project movement? Well…

1. It’s Free!

2. You’ll get to meet new people. Move somewhere new? In need of some new friends? Feeling a little lost or lonely? Here’s a built in group you will want to be friends with.

3. Age is only a number. Young or old, they want you.

4. It’s fun. Do you hate everything about working out like I do? This is for you.

5. There’s safety in numbers. And there’s people of all different athletic levels! You won’t feel like a fool ever! 

6. This will get you out of bed. Not a morning person? Here’s how to get past your disdain towards morning workouts.

7. They’re inclusive. You won’t feel like an outsider EVER. This is actually my favorite part about these people, from the moment you get there you’re included. They aren’t cliquey. I hate cliquey.

Doesn't it look like I'm enjoying myself? Photo via The November Project NYC

My knees. Photo via November Project NYC

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.