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The Struggles of Living With A Runner: Being Tricked Into Running A Half Marathon

I am willing to bet that half of all marathon runners were tricked into registering in the first place. I know this because that's how I've gotten every single one of my friends, family members and often strangers that I meet in coffee shops to sign up. I'm normally in running clothes and the conversation casually turns into me convincing them that their lives will change for the better if they run a half marathon. 5 minutes later, high fives are being given and they're officially registered to run their first half marathon.

This is how it happens...

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Struggles of Living With A Runner: Fighting The Urge To Want To Start Running

The struggles of living with a runner are real and this one may be the realest of them all. You know the one, when runners make running look like so much fun that you start wanting to start? Until you try it...

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The Struggles of Living With A Runner Episode 2: Long Runs

Roommates, significant others, friends, and family members, this video is for you. This is for every time your runner woke you up before dawn because they had to run.

Runners, tag your people who put up with your early morning long run antics and show them some love.

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9 Reasons Why The First Week Of Training Sucks

It doesn't matter how experienced or in-experienced you are or what you're training for, the first week is the worst! I haven't been able to sit down easily in a week! Getting into and out of a car is a serious struggle! It's at the point where a guy I went on a date with asked me if I was OK when I got up after we finished dinner. "No, I'm good." I answered with a wince, "I ran every stair in the Hollywood Bowl 3 times in 40 minutes yesterday. I'm just sore". That is how sore my quads are right now! Let's talk about the 10 reasons why the first week (or three) of training sucks--

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How To Make Running Easier

Before I started running, I used to Google "What can I do to make running easier" in hopes that I could figure out how to enjoy running. Honestly, I don't think running gets easier! I think you end up addicted to what running does for your life and you learn to love how you feel when you know you're putting your strongest foot forward. So even though it hurts, it stops feeling hopeless and impossible...does that make sense? If you need more convincing, here are 8 ways to make running "easier"-

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The 10 Stages of New Year's Resolution

It's that time of the year again! People all over the United States are getting ready to make incredibly lofty goals that they almost immediately forget about. Now don't get me wrong, I love a New Year's Resolution! But New Year's Resolutions are like a bad car wreck! You don't see it coming and you can't look away! And then you're left with a huge bill and a headache. These are the 10 stages of making a New Year's Resolution --

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The 10 Stages of a Really Bad Run

There comes a point in every runner's training cycle where they have to endure a really, really, really terrible, awful, shitty run. What's the big deal? Why not simply give up and try again the next day when a bad run happens? Well, runners are notoriously stubborn and 9 times out of 10, by the time you realize you're having a terrible run, its too late. These are the 10 stages of a really bad run--

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How to Spectate Like A Boss

It's no secret that race day spectators are the true unsung heroes of race day (OK they're tied with race day volunteers.) When you're busting your ass for a PR or struggling through a not so perfect race day, it's the funny/inspirational signs and the "You've got this!" supportive cheers from strangers that get us to that finish line that feels light years away. It's like Kathrine Switzer once said, "If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." Are you getting ready to cheer for some friends, family or strangers? Here's how to spectate like a boss-

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What It's Like To Be A New Runner As Illustrated By Jennifer Lawrence

Being a new runner is the absolute worst. It doesn't matter how athletic or un-athletic you are, getting started sucks for everyone! There is nothing more humbling than realize you can't run down the street without feeling like your heart is going to explode! This is what it's like to be a brand new illustrated by Jennifer Lawrence...

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What Goes Through My Head When I Run

"What do you think about when you run?" That is, hands down, the most common question I get asked about running. Running to a lot of people is a chore or a punishment. Back in High School the teacher would make you run a lap if you were caught goofing off or not following instructions. Running was literally a form of punishment and that's exactly how I thought of it until I started running. That was when I realized that running is a lot more than just a great way to stay in shape.

Every single run is different. Sometimes I think about just about everything when I go for a run and other times it's like the world is in a pause and my brain empties. This is what goes through my head when I run --

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12 Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Running Memes That Will Make You Say YES PLEASE

Today is a very special day. It's Ryan Gosling's birthday which could only mean one thing...


So without further ado...I give you...HEY GIRL #RunSelfieRepeat edition --

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