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Learning the Difference Between a PB and a PR at the NYC Half Marathon

I may have ran a double digit "PR" during the 2016 NYC Half Marathon but I'm calling it a personal best. I finally learned the difference between running a PR and a PB and it turns out all I am after is a PB. Here's why...

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The Surreal 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Though the morning of the US Olympics Marathon Team Trials started off with a shakeout run that had me seeing red but luckily, the trials themselves were nothing short of bad ass, electric and inspiring. Here is what went down...

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The Struggles of Living With A Runner Episode 2: Long Runs

Roommates, significant others, friends, and family members, this video is for you. This is for every time your runner woke you up before dawn because they had to run.

Runners, tag your people who put up with your early morning long run antics and show them some love.

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