Boston, Massachusetts

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2nd Thursday, 6:30 PM - Chestnut Hill Reservoir

Meet at Chestnut Hill Reservation entrance

*There is street parking on Beacon St, or a small parking lot between the Reservoir and Reilly Memorial Rec Center

4th sunday, 9am* - Boston common

Meet at the Brewer Fountain in Boston Common (near Park Street T stop)



Hi! I’m Ashley and I've been a runner on and off for over 20 years - the poster child for that love/hate relationship with running, you know?!

I accidentally started running in middle school when I started at a new school and one of my new friends decided to run cross country. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, I have literally raced just about every distance 50 meters (!) up to a marathon. I'm currently working towards finishing the six world marathon majors - I’m coming for you Tokyo and London 2020! Even though I’m working towards these marathons, I find half marathons to be more fun!

I live in Newton, not far from the Boston Marathon course which is great because it is probably my favorite place to run in this area. Besides running, my other loves are animals, food, friends and family. I have been married almost seven years and am the proud mom of my dog, Heike and my cat, Zimti.

Running is a MILLION times better with other people and I’ve been looking to recreate the fun, supportive and fearless team atmosphere I experienced in school. Let’s bring the BALG to life in Boston!

I can't wait to meet you, share a run and become badass running friends. 

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Hi Hi BALG! I’m Jenn Nortey and I am so excited to be co-leading the BALG for the Boston area with my bestie Ashley Nixon. I grew up in New Hampshire, went to college in Virginia and moved back to the Boston area for my job as a dietitian. I recently got married to an amazing man, I am cat mom, I love to cook (as well as eat) and am an avid traveler with the goal of seeing as many places as I can in this lifetime!

Ashley convinced me to start running about 3 years ago as she was starting her Boston Marathon training after coming back from a broken ankle. I had NEVER run for fun prior to this (I hated the thought of running for fun) and could not have imagined that I would one day say I ran the NYC Marathon 2018 (and finished 😉)! I have never really though about PR’s or what pace I can run, but more how much fun I can have doing it. I enjoy turning races into girls’ weekends where we can go explore new areas, run our race, enjoy the after party and then all the good food after running all the miles 😊.

I wanted to be a part of bringing this group to our area because I know what it’s like to start at square one and feel like everyone is so much faster or more knowledgeable about fitness/running than me.  I love that the BALG is about supporting each other and inclusion. Whether you have never run a day in your life or if you are an ultra-marathoner, this group is a place that badass ladies of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, age or athletic ability can feel comfortable coming together to improve our health one step at a time while making some new friends in the process!

She Can & She Did! We are better and stronger together, so let’s be BOSTON STRONG <3