Cary, North Carolina

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I’m LK - a wife, mother of one human and one pup, and in Nov ‘14 after training for a few months and completing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (walking 26.2 on day 1, 13.1 on day 2) I thought, “Ya know…I should pick up the pace and go for a run.” So I did.

After a month of running later it was, “I should sign up for a half marathon.” So I did.

I haven’t looked back.

Now…I’m not a fast runner. I’m probably not even that great at it. But I keep doing it because there’s something about conquering the hill, running through whatever life throws at me, and the friends I’ve made that make every run (even the bad ones) worth it. I hope to keep building on the running community already here in the Triangle with our BALG meetups, and I really hope to inspire new runners and spread that badass feeling around like confetti.