Where to start:


The Good

The good is about sharing the stories of how you defied expectations. How the sacrifices, support, guidance, and courage from the women in your life inspired you to become who you are today. 


The bad

Behind every resilient woman is one who has been to hell and back again. When we expose our imperfect journeys to each other, we create a world where acceptance and belonging are universal. (Happy endings optional.) 

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The Everything else

From identity and purpose to equal pay and inequality, the everything else is just that, everything you’ve learned, discovered, or want to question and change.  




For decades, women have been lead to believe that their worth is equated to how much they weigh. PLOT TWIST! Health isn’t a look, it’s a lifestyle. And the fastest way to feel confident in your own skin is to find ways to get active that empower you. (LIKE RUNNING!)