Houston, TX

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1st Saturday of every month

6:30 AM, Trail Head Memorial park


Meet Your Leader

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I am Victoria Hernandez and I am your Badass Lady Gang Houston leader. I was born and raised in Houston. I attended school at Texas A&M University. Whoop! And I moved to Dallas after graduation for several years before coming back home this past fall (2018).

I have been running for four years now, and have three half-marathons and two full marathons under my belt, along with several shorter races. Running used to be the bane of my existence. I understand those of you who despise it and are weary of it.

Remember when you used to enjoy running? Like when you would play tag in elementary school? Or kickball? Or when you would play red rover and go full speed ahead? Yeah, good memories, right?

And at some point running became a punishment. Whether for bad grades in other sports, or because the gym teacher didn’t feel like doing anything else…Then after graduation we just stopped. But now it’s time to start again.

Come join me every first Saturday of the month at Memorial Park. I’m here to help make running fun again!