Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

6:00 pm Prescott Park

**Meet at the fountain



Lisa Weber


My love for running began in high school. After moving to a new school and not making the volleyball team, I was fortunate enough to find cross country. Running didn't come easily to me, but I finally had a place where I belonged. I had a team of friends who I could relate to and lean on even when faced with the toughest workouts and races. In college, I did a few 5ks here and there, but quite honestly, I lost running for a bit. It wasn't until after college that I suddenly felt the urge to welcome running back into my life. I moved to a new state where I didn't know a single soul and I needed something else outside of work to keep me going. (I wish I had a badass lady gang at that time in my life to get me going!)


After getting friends to sign up for races with me, I was so excited to have others to share my passion for running with in NH. I was intrigued by the longer distances. With the exception of the Philadelphia Broad Street 10 miler, I hadn't done many races further than 5ks or 10ks. In the fall of 2012, I ran my first half marathon. Then in the spring of 2013, I completed my first marathon, the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT. Marathon training can be so challenging and it pushes you beyond the limits you once thought possible, but perhaps, that's why I truly love it. I cherish every race and training cycle, but my favorite part of being in love with running is sharing that love with others. This inspired me to get my RRCA coaching certification in August 2018. I want everyone to love running!