Ep 136: Mirna Valerio on Why You Don't Need Permission To Be Seen

When it comes to women who are changing the way we think remarkable athletes should look like, Mirna Valerio comes to mind. In a world where six pack abs and Fast AF finishing times are what many believe define a strong runner, “The Mirnavator” is a game changer.

From redefining what a strong AF athlete looks like to inspiring women and men to get active because of what it can do for your soul instead of chasing a number on a scale, just by being herself, Mirna is giving people who don’t look like stereotypical outdoors men and women or runners a reason to show up for themselves.

One of the reasons Mirna’s voice is repeatedly amplified is because of how graciously she handles online harassment. With only a few miles to go before crossing the finish line of one of the many ultra-marathons Mirna has completed, Mirna noticed an email with the opening line “You are a liar and a fraud”. In the short documentary The Mirnavator, Mirna opens up about the vitriol and online harassment she faces just because she is unapologetically herself.

It’s how she handles the hate that inspires me most. For so many of us, we live in constant fear that someone is going to tell us that we don’t belong. But it’s people like Mirna who remind us that we don’t need permission to show up for ourselves. We don’t need to look a certain way to take that first step. Being active and chasing goals that force us outside of our comfort zone isn’t just for people who look like stereotypical athletes. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes and Mirna Valerio is changing the way people around the world see themselves.

Follow Mirna on Instagram @TheMirnavator and her blog Fat Girl Running. Her book, A Beautiful Work in Progress, was published in October 2017.

Kelly RobertsComment