Ep 31: Embracing the New Powersuit with Sally Bergesen

If you haven't heard of the force of nature that is Sally Bergesen before today, allow me to give you some backstory. 10 years ago, Sally founded Oiselle (pronounced wa-zell), a female apparel line designed by women, for women. Over the past 10 years, Sally has been a voice for both Women's rights as well as Athlete's rights and is a true badass and crusader who is changing the sport of running. 

In February 2016, Sally spoke at the Muse Conference about fashion, feminism, and the new powersuit. 

Put your big girl powersuit on (you too dudes) because in this episode of the RSR podcast, the founder and CEO of Oiselle, Sally Bergesen joins us for a discussion on what exactly it means to embrace the new powersuit.

What is your powersuit? Let me know in the comments below. 

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