Ep 44: It's OK To Feel Disappointed In Yourself

Anyone who has ever chased a goal that felt intimidating and unattainable, put in the work, and then either stood in their own way or "failed" trying knows how disappointing it can be to fall short.

After reading through a few billion emails from readers and listeners urging me not to feel disappointed in how I handled the London Marathon, we need to talk about the fact that it’s ok to feel disappointed in yourself. What's not ok is to take disappointment and turn it into a sign that you should give up. 

Nobodies perfect. We all make mistakes. What I experienced during the London Marathon isn't something I'm particularly proud of but when I was out there on the course, struggling to find a way not to give up, I remembered what Sophie Walker had said during the Women Run Strong event. Sophie told a story about how one particularly rough day, she realized that no one was going to save her.

She had to save herself. 

Sometimes the cards are stacked against us. Regardless of what happens, there's no such thing as game over. When you stumble, you have to give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you're feeling. Feel disappointed. Or sad. But remember, set backs don't define you. They're just apart of the journey.  The only way you'll fail is if you fail to try. No regrets, no excuses.

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