Ep 50: 70% of Women Don't Like Their Bodies And It's Not OK

This week, I'm in Seattle visiting with Oiselle talking Girls on Track (GOT Bras) and what we can do empower the sisterhood. (Hint Hint -- National #SportsBraSquadDay is coming. June 24th. Mark your calendars.) One of the serious badasses here at Oiselle, Megan Murray, shared some sobering statistics with me that broke my heart and it is my hope that they make you really, really angry as well. Ready?

The National Eating Disorders Association found that 70% of women report they don’t like their bodies, and that 89% of women have dieted by age 17. THOSE NUMBERS AREN'T OK. Here's what I want to ask you, at what point will we be happy? What will it take for you to realize that you aren't just good enough but that you're already the best version of yourself possible?

I need to talk about what we can do to make this number disappear.  

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