Ep 54: Insecure As Hell But I'm On The Cover Of A Magazine

Kelly Roberts

You know, this may sound crazy, but I was pretty awful to myself and my body the weeks leading into this photo shoot. I was terrified about being on the cover of a magazine in my sports bra. So much so, that I almost went on a juice cleanse in an attempt to lose as much weight as I could as quickly as possible.

Look, I know I'm the leader of the #SportsBraSquad but I'm still human. I'm still working and fighting to be the strongest version of myself possible both mentally and physically. 

I'm so proud of this cover because it was so terrifying for me to do. But it fills me with hope to know that we're changing the way the women see strength. So, let's talk about how TERRIFYING and surreal it was to shoot the cover of Women's Running Magazine!

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