EP 61: Embracing Where You're At 101 With Sports Psychologist Dr. Bob

Why am I running? Why is running and getting motivated to run so hard? I'm coming back from an injury/break and I can't stop comparing and feel defeated about the fact that I used to run so much faster and stronger, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Why am I embarrassed about my pace? And why is quitting or throwing in the towel always an option? WELL, those are just a few of the very many things Dr. Robert Corb, the former Director of Sports Psychology at UCLA and a licensed Psychologist, and I talk about in this episode of the Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast. Because the truth is, I'm finally ready to talk to him about how hurt I am about what happened at the end of BQ or Bust. I feel unfocused. And angry. Luckily, Dr. Bob knows how to pull me out of that rabbit hole. 

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