Ep 87: From Co-Creating Google Maps to Weav Run, the App Changing Running

From co-creating Google Maps to changing the running game, Lars Rasmussen knows a thing or two about believing in yourself, overcoming failure, and creating technology that revolutionizes the world. Speaking of which, meet Weav Run, a new app co-founded by Lars Rasmussan and Elomida Visviki. What's Weav Run? It's a new running music app that is revolutionizing the running experience. Don't believe me? Download the app (available on ios in the US CLICK HERE) and give it a try on your next run! 

Today on the podcast, Lars and Elo talk about the inception of Weav Run (pun intended) and what made them quit their jobs to make their ambitious idea, a reality. 

I've been working with Weav Run for about two months now and I just have to say, we have some really exciting projects in the works. Keep your eyes peeled runners! We're going to help you fly towards your goals!

For more information on Weav Run, you can visit the official Weav Run website or hit them up on Instagram or Facebook.

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