BALG Tubular-Bandana-Buff-Wrap

BALG Tubular-Bandana-Buff-Wrap


Meet the newest edition of the Badass Lady Gang TUBULAR-BANDANA-BUFF-WRAP!

Designed by a real badass Toni Banta (, this badass lady gang tubular-bandana-buff is our most beautiful yet! PIZZA! SHEETCAKE! With beautiful illustrations and reminders of what makes us strong, this edition is one to wear with pride! 10"L x 20"W (easily folded over twice or three times), and fit snug as a rug! PERFECT FOR WINTER TO PROTECT YOUR FACE, EARS, OR NECK! GRAB YOURS WHILE YOU CAN!

International BALG, CLICK HERE to grab yours.

**Remember, I'm not Amazon. I'm one human on a mission to empower and unite the #BadassLadyGang so please TRIPLE CHECK BOTH YOUR ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS BEFORE CHECKING OUT! All sales are final.** 

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