Toronto, Ontario

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1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

6:15 PM Coronation Park




Ali Williams

Ali has always known there was something magical about running but it took her a while to admit that she didn’t hate it.  Ali ran off and on throughout University as a stress buster but started to take it more seriously as a grad student when she signed up for her first 10k in 2014. Since then she has run countless 10ks, 4 half marathons and 2 full marathons. Running still continues to be Ali’s main stress buster. She is constantly amazed at how much running allows her to push herself and make impossible tasks feel possible over time, both in running and in life. There is nothing better to Ali than having someone say that she inspired them to get moving in any shape, way or form. Ali is no speed demon and believes that if she can do it, you can too!! One of Ali’s favourite things about running is how it can bring together so many badass women. Running is an individual sport that thrives on community and connection. Ali sees it as so much more than races and speed. Running is empowering, confidence building, inspiring, and a kick ass workout for your body and mind. She believes that no matter what your level is, running is for YOU.


Tara Burke

Tara has been running for 5 years, and she used to hate running, even the idea of running because she thought it was hard & boring. Growing up, Tara was involved in sports, she played baseball and a few other team sports but never had an interest in lacing up and running anywhere. Then she grew up got a job, sat at desk a lot and team sports did not always fit into her schedule so a friend suggested running. Her first year of running was hard but very rewarding, Tara ran her first 5k and then PB’d the next one and the next one, so she then trained and ran a 10k. Twelve months after she had started running her “friend” said “hey let’s run a half marathon, it will be fun”. In March of 2015 Tara ran her first half marathon- it was cold, it was hard, but yes in a lot of ways it actually was fun. Tara and her friends then started planning vacation runs and went to Nashville to run the Rock’n’Roll Half. What an amazing adventure! After Nashville Tara had no races planned and work got busy so she ran less frequently. Trying to motivate herself, she signed up for an 8k race. She put her shoes on and went for a 3k run and was devastated at how winded she was. She had run a half only 6 months earlier and now could not run 3km. Tara was so demotivated she did not show up for her 8km race, and she almost quit running all together. Then she forced herself to sign up for a half marathon clinic in 2017 and she met some amazing people. They ran together each week and then messaged each other when they did not make it out. They did not judge her speed or lack thereof. She began running again.
Tara realized she did not need to run to be the fastest, or the best. She did not need to run to have a PB, or to win a prize. She’s doesn’t even need to run to get a race shirt and a banana, but they are nice bonuses. She just needs to run to enjoy it and the people she is with. Running helps her deal with stress and anxiety. Running lets her meet people. Running lets her have adventures and has given her a great community of people that are like another family. Which is all of the things the BALG stands for – fun – community – adventure – support - family