First Marathon Training Journal

First Marathon Training Journal


At a glance:

Length: 24 Weeks Typical Week: 2 Days Off, 1 Cross training day, 4 Running days Longest Run: 20 miles Pages in Journal: 162 pages

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*Looking to become a runner but aren't sure where to start? Download our free 8-week training guide. From there, you’ll have the endurance, stamina, and mental strength to start training for either a half marathon or a marathon.

Which Training Option Is Right For You?

We offer three different tiers of options for anyone looking to run down a finish line.

  1. Basic training plans.

  2. Training journals.

  3. Coaching.

My basic training plans have minimal journaling and consist of weekly training plans that will help you build the physical strength necessary for running a half or full marathon. If you’re looking for a simple training plan that will train you to kick ass and take names, this option is for you.

My comprehensive training journals contain weekly training plans but also give you all the tools and insights I’ve learned over the last five years broken down into weekly lessons. Each week presents a new topic from self-efficacy, self-limiting factors, accurate self-talk, doubt, and fear, to creating a race day plan, pushing through rough patches, body image, redefining your limits. etc. Through structured journal prompts, we’ll look at what you say to and believe about yourself and work to figure out how running translates into your everyday life.If you’re looking for a more extensive training plan that provides resources and works both the mental and physical elements of the journey, you’ll enjoy my training journals.

Coaching is the most hands-on option of the three for anyone looking to truly invest in their journey. Not only will you receive a customized training plan but every week you’ll get a strength training plan and the week’s chapter of my training journals. As your coach, I’m here to talk through speed bumps and breakthroughs, questions, tips and tricks in my weekly live Google Hangout and our private Facebook community lends the support you need to run down your goal with a badass community.

By investing in coaching or my training journals, you won’t just cross a finish line, you’ll walk away with a rock solid belief in yourself, what you’re capable of, and how to power through anything that stands in your way. Like most training plans, I’ve developed a program that combines endurance, recovery, reflection, and speed work to prepare you for your race. But these training plans require an extra layer of commitment. A commitment to look within, question, reflect, and an openness to a challenge.

Training for a half or full marathon is hard, but working on your core beliefs and perspective while you train is even harder. You can get as much or as little out of the training plans as you want. What you put into it is what you’ll get out of it.

Do the work and the work will serve you. Either way, you’ll get a training plan that will prepare you to run your personal best.

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