Twin Cities, MINNESOTA

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First and Third Sundays

8:15 AM Stone Arch Bridge

*Meet at Aster Cafe


Meet Your Co-Leaders

Left to right: Sarah, Casey, and Sara

Left to right: Sarah, Casey, and Sara

SARA I began my running journey on a treadmill in 2015. It was terrible but I kept going. Eventually I found my way outside and haven’t missed paying to run inside at a gym since. I run because I have more energy than I need. Running fights anxiety for me. I also like to eat like no one is watching… it helps with that too.

I stumbled across Kelly Roberts and the #sportsbrasquad on Instagram by mistake. I knew she was my people based on the honesty of her posts about life and running. I couldn’t have climbed on board fast enough when the BALG started on Facebook and volunteered as tribute when she asked for local BALG leaders. (I will totally be on the planning committee when we have a giant BALG Camp gathering… CANNOT WAIT)

I cheer for every runner I encounter no matter what. I get a lot of weird looks from strangers but also make a lot of new friends when I encounter runners. This belief means I will be there to cheer for my fellow BALG members like a complete maniac. I will encourage you to set impossible goals and I’ll work to complete them with you. I will hold you up when it all goes to shit and remind you that life is happening. I will listen to your embarrassing running stories and share my mortifying stories with you. I will be your running best friend forever. All the lemons to you.