Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My name is Lyndsay Lambert, and I’m one of the co-leaders of BALG WPG. After hosting Global Sports Bra Squad Day in June 2018, Karly and I decided to create Sports Bra Squad WPG in August 2018. We have created an incredible collective of both women and men who adore celebrating their goals, bodies and most importantly, each other!
For a little background on myself, my running experience didn’t start too long long ago. Growing up, I was always involved in sports (mostly volleyball and ringette), and I only found myself participating in run clubs because my friends did - what’s up, peer pressure!
About four years ago, I was hanging out with my boyfriend and I expressed to him that I wanted to try something different. I asked him if he would train for a half marathon with me and he said, “Sure!”. Since then I’ve ran 8 halfs and a handful of 10ks. I made it a yearly goal to experience a race in a different city each year; 2019 brought us to Boston + Fargo… and I’m still brainstorming for 2020!
Connection, support and growth are words that come to mind when I think of community. The most incredible group that I’ve been apart of for the last three years would be in the running community in Winnipeg. Last year, when Karly and I decided to create BALG, we wanted to create a safe, even more inclusive and judgement free gang that can enjoy more than running. We add additional events and resources for our members based off their needs and I think that’s the best part; sharing and encouraging new steps together as one group.
I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings each BALG chapter!


Hi! I’m Karly Tardiff. Lyndsay and I started a BALG in Winnipeg because the positive impacts of physical activity should be accessible for all and intimidation free. I want to create a welcoming space that BALG members can gather to build NO BS relationships, get involved in their community and have a kick-ass run with like-minded individuals. A space where you know other members have your back. Having a supportive, motivating SQUAD surrounding you can do amazing things. Being part of Kelly's amazing vision is pretty hype, too!

About 10 years ago, I went for my FIRST EVER run. I could barely do 2k. I felt like I was DYING. This ignited the (extremely!) competitive side of me, I was a highschool hockey player at the time, and KNEW I had to get better. Not just for myself, but for my teammates. So began the addiction! Fast-forward 10 years and I have a marathon under my belt and numerous half marathons and am currently working on getting faster! Everyone starts somewhere!

Community is huge for me and has been especially prominent since moving to Winnipeg in 2016. I moved here barely knowing a soul - the fitness community in the city has welcomed me and have enabled me to accomplish things I never thought I was capable of - like breaking a Guinness World Record! Community is so important and a sense of belonging and support lifts you higher than you could ever imagine! The goal of the Winnipeg BALG chapter is to instill this in our members beyond our meetups. We want our squad to be an extended family <3