From Justin to Kelly: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Lost Weight

Another week has gone by and I’ve lost another two pounds! I hate to admit it, but last week was disappointing (I only lost a half a pound.)  I was getting worried there for a second but it reminded me that I can’t start slacking now. It’s been 9 weeks since I started my weight loss journey (I know time FLIES) and in those 9 weeks I have lost 32.5 pounds! I’ve learned a lot about diet and exercise since I first started but now I am seeing how important it is to stick with it. 32 pounds is a lot! Enough to start thinking I can cut corners here and there. And I can! I have been working really hard! But at the same time I really am just over half way to my weight loss goal so do I want to cut corners, not really.

Getting to this point happened in the blink of an eye. Today I wanted to share with you all 5 things I wish I would have known before I started my diet and took a step towards becoming the best and healthiest me possible:

5. It’s Easy.

WAIT! Don’t scoff! Don’t roll your eyes! Before you stop reading hear me out, losing weight is so much easier than I anticipated.  Just like anything worthwhile, it’s not easy all the time. Does it get easier, yes! There are going to be situations and days that are harder than others. You are rewiring the way you think about yourself, see yourself, exercise, and eat. For me, the first four days were the hardest. Honestly, the first two were kind of miserable. But living every day, feeling the way I felt about myself and eating the way I did was SO MUCH HARDER. To see that in 9 weeks I can lose 32.5 pounds I just want to shake my past self and say, “WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?!” All those awkward pictures, uncomfortable clothes shopping trips, and also getting totally looked over because of my weight, it all could have been avoided if I cared enough to be smarter about what I ate and exercised. I WISH I WISH I WISH I would have done this sooner.  

4. You Are Going To Save SO MUCH MONEY.

I used to eat out like crazy. And don’t think I was eating out at restaurants with friends, I was ordering takeout because it was convenient. Lunch and dinner daily and almost every meal on the weekends, I was wasting all my money on food. When I started preparing all my meals at home and eating healthy (which people say is more expensive) I probably spent 50-75% LESS! I want to thank my diet for making me lean and my bank account look fat. I will happily take a fatter bank account. You don’t think about it because $10/$15 doesn’t seem like a huge expense. But you can go a whole week on $50-$70 by prepping most of your meals. I used to spend $140-$200 EFFORTLESSLY on takeout a week.

3. How Good I Would Look

I don’t even care if this sounds vain because I am looking and feeling AMAZING! I wish I could share the feeling I get when I see myself.  I just got a mirror in my room and I spend a little more time than I should looking in it. Yes it’s rewarding to feel great about how you look, but mostly I love knowing that I look the way I look because I am making it happen. All the hard work has a physical outcome I can see.  And while I love what I see in the mirror, it’s not until I see pictures that I really start to grasp the physical transformation.

2. How much I would LOVE being active.

For me, I have discovered a love of yoga. I did not expect to find a new passion when I decided to get active. Yoga can be slow and tedious but I LOVE it. I love the feeling of my entire body moving in one strong powerful motion. I can’t believe how much I love it. It’s not only helped me physically but mentally as well.

1. How much HAPPIER I would be.

My life has turned around since losing weight. I feel great, I smile more, I’m confident, I believe in myself, and I feel actually and legitimately happy. Who knew that in 9 short weeks you can completely turn your life around!?! Days aren’t a struggle anymore.  I have an abundance of energy. I don’t get frustrated as easily and I move so much faster! I don’t know if it’s timing or if this is because I am putting so much positivity out into the universe but so much is starting to happen for me. Opportunities are presenting themselves, people are reaching out to me, and I feel like pursuing my passion again.

Ya’ll there is so much I have learned these past 9 and I am only a little over halfway there. Thanks for listening. Here’s to another week!