Overcoming Big J

Overcoming Big J

“Big J” is what they called me. For most of my middle school years, this was the nickname I was chosen to carry and carry I did. Being heavier set for most of my life and not possessing one athletic gene in my body (thanks to my middle brother for hogging most of them), I began to believe that “Big J” is all I would ever amount to. I was average at just about everything I tried and, obviously, because I wasn’t skinny, I never thought of myself as beautiful and wouldn’t fit in with the popular kids.

Through high school and even into college, I struggled with my body image, my self-confidence was through the floor, and I attributed every negative encounter with a human to my weight. Though I wasn’t around the group that donned me “Big J” anymore, mentally I absolutely believed the lie that, because I was bigger, my value and abilities were worth just a little bit less in the world. For whatever reason, I always had a secret dream of being a runner. I so desperately wanted to be one of those people who would say, “I’m going to go for a run” and casually run 4 miles. But at every attempt, I would make it about 7 minutes before essentially needing an inhaler and stretcher.

Fast forward to my first-year post-grad school. I was living with friends in Atlanta and experiencing my first year of “adult life”. It was exciting, it was terrifying, and it was incredibly freeing. And remember those people I talked about? The ones who could just casually go run 3 or 4 miles? I LIVED WITH ONE. There were days I was inspired, there were days I was mad, and there were days I was ashamed. I came really close to shutting the door on my secret dream; maybe Big J just wasn’t made to be a runner.

And it was in that moment that I had a realization: I WAS NOT MADE TO LIVE THIS WAY. Who the hell decided that: 

  1. I was ok with being called Big J.
  2. Kelly Johnson was not capable of anything she put her mind to?

 I realized that I had spent 25 years being told and telling myself that I was incapable, unworthy, and invaluable, because of my WEIGHT. So, I decided to do something about it.

With a LOT of grit, perseverance, and one heck of a cheering squad, I completely changed my lifestyle. But, it wasn’t about the weight. Yes, the numbers were going down, but it was about choosing a healthy lifestyle. Then one day, I tried it: I went to the gym with my running roommate, hopped on a treadmill, and started running. I ran, and ran, and ran, and was continually shocked every time a few minutes passed by and I was STILL going. Before I knew it, I had been running for THIRTY MINUTES. And that was the day that everything changed.

Fast forward 2 years, I have now run 2 half marathons, a 25k, and my first full marathon last fall. I began running to prove to the world that you could do anything you put your mind to. But what I realized, during mile 17 of that marathon, was that the world already believed I could. In reality, this journey was for me: to prove to MYSELF that I could make the impossible possible. The only one telling me that I wasn’t strong enough, that I wasn’t fit enough, that I could not be that kind of athletic person, was ME.

So, here’s to you Big J: You set out running to prove a point to the world of how strong you could be, and in end, proved to yourself how strong you’ve always been.

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Overcoming big j