A Beginner To A Winner: MY STORY

Listen I'm not gonna sit here and tell you your story is going to be the same as mine because everyone's story is different which is one of the reasons I love running. So here's my story (so far).

Both of my parents are huge runners and have been running since who knows when but running never really interested me. But somehow freshman year, my mom convinced me to do cross country. I remember the first couple weeks sucked and I was one of the slowest on my team but I decided to stay with it until our first meet.

At that first meet, no one thought much of me and the only thing they said to me was not to walk. The coach seemed to be so interested in everyone else but me, and I decided it was time I'd show him. I believe running is 70% mental and that's what really got me through the race. I remember telling myself before the race even started that it was gonna suck but it'd be worth it. I set a goal to run under 26 minutes which I thought would be a stretch. I ended up running a 24:20 and placed 5th overall.

When I was running the race, seeing my fellow teammates confused when they saw me in front, it was funny. I never thought at the beginning of the season I'd be able to run that fast but it didn't stop there! My end of the season 5k time was 23 minutes flat. I had dropped 6 minutes off my preseason time. At the time, I was faster than almost all of the freshman guys on my team.

It's funny because I used to hate running but now I can't imagine my life without it. That's only the beginning of my story, I'm still a freshman in high school and I can't wait to see what I'm capable of. Don't use my story to compare yours, use it to motivate you. I always set time goals and never try to beat one specific person.

Runners are insane.