Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge Accepted and Completed!


13 days ago I ran my first Boston marathon (second ever marathon) and 13 days later, today, I completed the Big Sur International Marathon as a Boston to Big Sur Challenger.

I found out I got accepted in the challenge three days after Boston, I had previously been on the waiting list. I wasn’t prepared to run another marathon but if you know me you know I’ll never say no to a challenge. So I accepted and started doing some research. 

I did some research online and everyone suggested you have at least five or more marathons under your belt before running this challenge. This got me kind of nervous. Then, during race weekend I talked to other Boston to Big Sur runners who had previously completed this challenge and almost all of them gave me looks of concern, thought I was crazy, and instead of wishing me good luck or giving me tips or advice they kind of put me down.

BUT today I proved wrong all those writers and those other runners! Anyone can complete this challenge. All you need to do is believe in your amazing self and also have kick ass family and friends who support your crazy ideas!!  

Boston To Big Sur.jpg

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