Finding My Inner Athlete: My Proudest Running Moment

My proudest moment comes from not running one marathon but three.

I had never run a mile until I was 28 years old. I had always been the overweight, non athletic girl. One day I saw some people out running and decided that I was going to try it as well. I started with a simple 15 minute jog and built from there.

Within a year and a half, I had signed up for my first marathon. But before I had even completed the first one I had signed up for a second 22 days later.

My first marathon was your classic disaster. I trained at sea level and raced at 7000 feet on a beautiful trail in Colorado Springs. 22 days later, I raced in Omaha and took 50 minutes off of my time. 35 days after that I ran my first 50k.

The sense of accomplishment and the realization that I could do anything was overwhelming. I had never felt so in control of my life. After that, I truly felt like a runner even if I didn’t look like one.

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