I Ran Every Day For A Year And Learned To Love Running Again

After the 2017 Chicago Marathon, I felt defeated.

For a marathon I was excited for and felt more prepared thanks to more cross training (ie. crossfit & yoga) than I had before my 2016 Boston Marathon, I was ready to SHINE in Chicago. I had high hopes of getting under a 5hr marathon and I was excited for the flat course compared to Boston rolling hills. However, Chicago ended up being a hot, terrible marathon for me.

I felt great until mile 8 and then something clicked and mentally, I was finished. I started walking and was totally upset with myself. I finished the Chicago Marathon but I was disappointed and not even close to the time I wanted.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2017 and Runners World was doing their runstreak challenge (running at least 1 mile a day) from Thanksgiving to New Years. I was still feeling defeated after Chicago so I wanted to give it a try, to give myself a new challenge, learn to love running again and realize that Chicago was just a bad day.

After the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak, I signed up for the Marathon Sports winter warrior challenge (which is running 1 mile, OUTSIDE, every day for the month of January). Once I completed that challenge, I was already about 80 days into running consecutively, so I chased the goal of running at least a mile, every day, for 365 days.

I haven't let excuses stop me from getting my run completed for the day.

I have woken up at 3:15am to run a mile before a flight. I have gotten off a plane in London and immediately tossed on shoes for a run. I have ran in 3 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I set a half marathon PR and ACTUALLY felt strong when completing a half marathon. I've incorporated speed workouts to my training and this run streak has helped me explore many different cities all over the world. I have laced up and run in Ireland, England, Aruba, Mexico, Croatia and Slovenia.

I can honestly say, at 363 days, I still love running. I am excited to try for another marathon to see what I am capable of. Now I have to come to the decision if I will stop on Thursday, or if I will continue on.

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