I'm Relearning To Walk But I Will Run Again

My name is Rachel Savage and I am a healthy 24-year-old. I love being outside and doing anything I can to stay active and busy. There is never a dull moment in my hectic, passionate lifestyle. Well, there wasn’t...

I stumbled upon running four years ago and made a terrifying goal (I couldn’t even say it out loud for years!) to complete a half marathon. Last summer I was contemplating a stepping stone-a 10-mile race- to seal the deal before I signed up for the big 13.1. I started my career and it fell away from me, but I never stopped running.

On March 7, 2018, I had 3 strokes as a result of a collapsed artery in my cerebellum. I was misdiagnosed for 10 days before receiving the news that I had multiple strokes. This event was so unusual, employees at the hospital were convinced I had created my own demise as a result of risky behavior. In reality, I first noticed symptoms when I was running. I couldn’t finish my run.... looking back, those words have a sting I can’t quite describe. I spent 21 days in the hospital and in rigorous inpatient rehabilitation. 

I Will Run Again.jpeg

My first time out of bed, I couldn’t feel my leg when I walked, and I couldn’t make my body turn a corner. I couldn’t lift my head to look at my husband or my family without overwhelming dizziness. 

I am home now.

I am alive.

I just am stubborn as hell.

I am working on making my legwork on command.

I am working on moving my head without the world moving, too.

I am not running. YET. 

This happened and all I keep thinking is,

“I was running when I had these strokes and now I have to relearn to walk”. I’m chasing 13.1 with more passion than ever.

And so I’m walking... And soon you are going to see me run again. 

I Will Run Again.jpeg

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