Lacing Up Shoes After 5 Year Hiatus

It was Halloween 1999 and I was 39 years old and a non runner. My daughter was running track and I was inspired to run. I laced my shoes up and ran every morning in the cold upper peninsula mornings. Before I knew it I was running three miles without walking.

Over 15 years I ran countless half marathons and 14 marathons including New York in 2006. Then I turned 54 and was in full blown menopause. I gained weight and stopped running. I can’t remember the exact day but it has been 5 years.

Since that time my daughter has become a marathoner and even qualified for Boston last year. She says her dream is to run a marathon with me. She is always trying to encourage me to run again. She recently shared your blog with me and I became inspired to try running again.

I realize that my age of almost 59 is only a number and I am strong enough to do anything.

My goal is to fulfill one of my daughters and my dreams to run a marathon together. Happv running to the strong women who live by “She can and she did”. Your stories have all inspired me.

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