Joining Weight Watchers As A Kid Is A Huge Factor In My Struggle Today

I started half doing Weight Watchers when I was probably 9/10–both my parents are “lifers,” so I was pretty well-acquainted with the program. Officially, I think I started in high school, once, and then I really did it, paying for the online program and all, before my senior year of college.

I think Weight Watchers is a huge factor in my current struggle. Watching my parents go through it and become serial dieters has caused a lot of my own issues with food and my body image. There is still a bit of a Weight Watchers mentality in our house—fruits and veggies are free or “good” and carbs or high point foods are “bad.”

Weight Watchers is the last diet I’ve been on. I would love to pretend I’ve magically lost weight afterwords from intuitive eating and all that shit. I haven’t. I gained a bunch of weight after stopping the program and I’ve struggled to lose a little and to keep it off. Honestly, my weight has been really frustrating while I try to run farther and faster.

Because of Weight Watchers and a slew of other diets, I feel addicted to fast weight loss. I’m going through the process of training myself to eat knowing that food is actually fuel but I genuinely fantasize about dieting.

Oh, and I fully blame Weight Watchers for being the reason that I have noooooo idea when I feel full. When you’re eating as much as you possibly can to use as few points as possible, you are bound to overeat fruits and veggies (as my dad would say, even a monkey can get fat from bananas).

I’m riding the struggle bus with my body weight and I put a lot of blame on Weight Watchers because of the fucked up mentality it has caused for generations of Americans.