My First Marathon: Making My Impossible Possible

my first marathon

I live in Brazil. I was a swimmer since childhood until I discovered and fall in love with running. I’ve been running for 9 years now, had done many half-marathons, but I always thought the full marathon was too much of a big dream for me. Then I found my coach and discovered I had what it takes to run a marathon.

I did my first in my home town Porto Alegre in June, and it changed my life. I finished strong and healthy, wearing a big smile on my face with my time was 3 hours 52 minutes. And the official race distance measured 42.6km.

The hard part of that is that I was in the middle of treatment of multi drug resistant tuberculosis, taking as much as 5 antibiotics daily, one of which was an injection. I thought I would only try to accompany my friend in her training, then go for it next year. But I loved the training so much and it went so well, that I kind of naturally ended up doing the race while on treatment.

It was the best thing I ever accomplished! Now I’m planning to do it better next year.