I never thought I'd be a runner because my doctors told me I wouldn't be.

I had full ankle reconstruction in December of 2015 and had to learn to run and walk again. Not to mention, I don't have the "ideal" runner's body. But you know what? A body is a runner's body as long as you go for a run! 

All my life I thought you I thought I wasn't good enough to be a runner.

Well, I was wrong. Damn was I wrong.

Running is my lifeline and my savior. Without it, I would be a heavily medicated individual. Running keeps me sane. I have bipolar anxiety and without running, I would be on numerous different mood stabilizers and I currently take 0.

Before running, I thought strength looked like an Olympian. Now, I know strength looks like not being able to fit my legs into any damn pants! I wouldn't trade "MY" runners body for anything in the world! I have overcome obstacles that I didn't know were possible because I am runbreakable! 

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