Running Toward My Dreams

My name is Riley Roth, and I am a recording artist and songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am twenty years old, and I first fell in love with running at the age of sixteen. Music has always been my biggest passion, but it didn’t take long for running to become a passion, too. I started running, because it was a great way to escape the world, clear my head, and listen to new songs for inspiration. I soon noticed the health benefits, because I love to eat almost as much as I love to run. I’m a vegetarian and eat pretty healthy most days, but I really do love food! I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself, and I like that I can push my limits everyday with running. I enjoy running longer distances, so over time, my goal has always been to increase my mileage. I equate the extra distance to something I want to achieve in life. I tell myself, “Running this extra amount today is like achieving ‘this’ in my life."

When I first moved to Nashville, I was working as a server, while pursuing a career in music. True story: One day I had a bad day at work and decided to go for a run. It had been awhile since I had been able to run six miles, but on this particular day I decided I was going to do it - it would mean running from my apartment, down to Music Row, and back. I wanted to try to run to BMG (my dream place to get signed to a publishing deal) and back. I told myself that if I could run to get to BMG, I could write to get to BMG. I had been meeting with Daniel Lee, formerly the VP of Creative, for awhile and had hopes of someday getting signed there. A weird twist of fate...the very next day, I got an email from Daniel saying, “It has been a minute; let’s meet up for coffee.” It was at that very coffee meeting, I was offered my publishing deal. :) My favorite thing about running is that as my life changes, and I have new goals, I can always use running as a motivator. I continue to push myself harder, both in my running shoes and in my heels.

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