Surrogate Triathlete

Here's my story. I'm from a small town, but that doesn't mean I've decided to live a small life. In January, I delivered twins as a gestational surrogate. Carrying babies for someone unable to carry their own was the most amazing experience of my life.

I like to say that I dally in triathlon because my husband and I have participated in a local sprint triathlon a couple times. Last summer, with the encouragement of my doctor, I competed when I was 12 weeks pregnant with the twins and had done no training at all. I was determined to be a part of the fun event even if I wasn't ready. I had a blast and listened to my body. I even sat down and ate a pop-tart in the transition area. lol

The surrogate pregnancy was tough on me physically and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and Preeclampsia. With my blood pressure through the roof I felt worse than I ever have. I dedicated myself to getting in the best shape of my life once the pregnancy was over. I signed up for the Washington Island Ultra Triathlon in Wisconsin. It's a 24 hour solo triathlon and it's only a month away.

Once I was cleared for exercise in January, I started with a basic couch to 5K training and now I'm ready to kick this race's butt! Once the race is completed I will be starting my 2nd journey as a surrogate, so a 24 hour triathlon is my off season!

Everyday I wear a bracelet that reads, "Nevertheless, she persisted." It motivates me through whatever I am going through be it morning sickness or 2 hour runs.