Si Puedo! (Yes, I can)

The moment I started believing 'YES I CAN', it happened to me today! I had to run 17 miles as part of my Marine Corps Marathon training and around mile 10 I started to feel really tired but I thought and said aloud “Si Puedo” (translates to “I can” or Yes, I can) and I started breaking up my goals:

To the next stop sign, and I would say aloud “Si puedo”.

Then at the stop light, I set another goal to the next lamp post and I repeated aloud “Si puedo”!

My husband was following on the bike and he rode up next to me and said, “I see you stronger than ever” to which I replied, "I just realized that I CAN”!

Mind. Blown.

Si Puedo Yes I Can.jpeg

17 miles done and DONE without skipping any running interval!