Strong Like Mom

strong like mom

I was a never runner. I hated running even though I didn't do much of it. I wrote myself off as not athletic. I didn't play sports in high school and hated gym class. 

Nope. I hated it.

Fast forward to a 28-year-old me. Married mom of a 2-year-old and 9 months old. I started going to the gym but it was hard lugging two tiny ones and all the things they may need. One day I just wanted to do something at home and not have to trek to the gym. We had a bike trailer you could use as a jogging stroller, so I plopped both girls in and went to the path near our house. I'm pretty sure it was the hottest day of the year, but we had snacks and water and I played the Disney Pandora station on my phone. 

my first run

I used the health app on my phone and ran walked 2.5 miles that first day. Slowly I could do more in the 25-30 mins it timed me for.

Then I set distance goals.

The first race I did was a 2.5 mile Beer Run. You got a small taste of beer every half mile, probably not the smartest first race! I thought I was dying but I finished. From there, I was hooked. I kept increasing mileage. 6 months after I  started, I ran my first half. And a little more than a year after that, I ran my first marathon. 

When I started running, I was a stay at home mom. I joined a moms running group and it helped me meet people. And slowly, I started finding me. Not mom me. Not wife me. But ME.

I don't always love running. In fact, most days it's the last thing I want to do. But my oldest, who is now 4 has started wanting to run laps at the gym, and the 2-year-old runs too. She tells me she wants to be strong, like me. My girls have run with me through so much that they are very much a part of my journey as a runner. So I keep running for myself and for my girls. And being the inspiration for them to grow into strong, beautiful, kind human beings is almost all the motivation I need. That and a free t-shirt and a piece of metal on a ribbon. 

running for my daughters.jpg