An Open Letter On Behalf Of All Half Marathoners

There's this crazy thing that happens after you run a half marathon; people automatically assume you now want to run a marathon. I was laying in our hotel room in the fetal position only an hour after completing my first half marathon when I got asked if I was going to run a marathon. My response? "I'd rather die than run a marathon."

Now I'm a terrible example because four months later, I ran a marathon. But that's not normal! I was bored and honestly, I ended up registering for my first marathon because I had this interaction on a daily basis--


Friend/Colleague/Family Member/Stranger: "WOW! Congratulations! Do you want to run a marathon now?"

Why is the half marathon some sort of red headed step child? When someone runs a 5K you're not like, "WOW! I bet you want to run a half marathon now!" NO! That doesn't happen! If you're a half marathoner and you're sick of people asking you when you're going to run amarathon, I've drafted this letter for you to send to them-

Dear Friends, Family and People I Talk to Regularly,

I did it! I successfully ran a half marathon! Words fail to describe what it was like to face my fears and doubts when I ran 13.1 miles. Who knew I was capable of such a feat!?! I want to thank you for all of your support and encouragement (and jokes at my expense. I'm looking at you [Insert name(s) of significant other, best friend, uncle, aunt, mom, dad, child]).

When I decided to run a half marathon, I really didn't think I could do it and I know you weren't sure if I could do it either. (I know this because you actually said that to me. Thanks for that.) It took a lot of hard work to cross that finish line and I have to get something off of my chest...


Can we just take a minute to acknoledge that I just ran 13.1 miles? THAT WAS HARD! That wasn't a warm up, that was the main event people! MY GOD! 13.1 miles is further than we will drive to get groceries and I ran that! ME! The fact that you think I would want to double that distance simply because I'm "halfway there" worries me. At what point was it logical for you to think, "I can only imagine how difficult running 13.1 miles was! It only makes sense that you would now want to double that distance!" I appreciate the support but it's not a normal progression to go from half marathon to full marathon! I know I am crazy but I am not that crazy. I have no desire to run a marathon!

So if you could all stop asking if I am going to run a marathon, that would be great. Ask me in a month when I've forgotten how badly the half marathon I just ran hurt. MAYBE just MAYBE then I'll get crazy enough to want to run a marathon. (BUT PROBABLY NOT.)


Your Bad Ass (Mom, Sister, Brother, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Grandmother, Grandmother, Friend, Significant Other, Colleague, Mortal Enemy)

I hope that helps! Just remember, no one expects you to run a marathon but you can if you want to. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.